About Us

Why Us

We’re a specialised talent solutions firm that connects opportunities at great companies with highly skilled candidates in our membership area. Our clients offer permanent employment, visa sponsorship, travel assistance and accommodation. 

Our clients range from high-growth established start-ups to the largest global companies, across several focused industries.

If you would like to give yourself a real opportunity to live and work in the United Kingdom, then subscribe today.

10 Years of Experience

At Capital Cityy our strategy is one of determined, relentless and fearless representation for our members. There are no exceptions to this immovable rule. The sole and all-important objective is to succeed for our members, whatever the challenge or circumstances.     

Being a member means that you will have access to the critical aspects, which together form the major keys for entry and success in the UK.

Our strategy is clear, gathering all the relevant documentation is crucial, winning the respect of our partners important, but gaining the trust and confidence of our members is absolute vital. We know from experience that the road to success begins well before a member makes an application to transition to the UK. Hard work, scrupulous preparation, utter dedication are the keys to getting the results for our members.